Wearable Electronics Night

The wearable electronics night is designed to be a fun, artistic, and creative exercise where students get to combine computing, electronics and craft to design electronic textiles or e-textiles. E-textiles are electrical circuits created using flexible conductive materials in conjunction with electronic components such as LEDs, sensors, microcontrollers. We will provide you the basic ingredients for creating wearable electronics, and also provide a tutorial on programming these devices and creating a simple e-textile. We will give out prizes to the top three teams. In addition, you get to keep your e-textile and show off your creations to friends!

======Upcoming Events======

First Wearable Electronics Workshop at Mount Holoyke College

  • Time: Mar 2nd 2013, 2-6pm.
  • Location: TBD
  • Flyer: TBD

======Previous Events======

Mount Holyoke Wearable Electronics Workshop March 2013

Topic: sewing LEDs, conductive threads, microcontroller programming
Event Pictures: View All Pictures Here.
Event Slides: 2013_slides.pdf

Event Materials:





UMass Wearable Electronics Workshop Feb 2013

Time: Feb 2nd 2013, 1-5pm
Locatoin: Computer Science 150
Topic: soldering, microcontroller programming, making LED badge.
Event Flyer: http://graphics.cs.umass.edu/wearable/wearable0213_flyer.pdf
Event Pictures: View All Pictures Here.
Event Slides: Wearable Electronics Slides.
Event Materials:




Smith College Wearable Electronics Workshop Nov 2012

Link to the event
Video Release: http://content.bitsontherun.com/players/4aEUSYSD-hpfvXIUT.html
Pictures from the event.




SparkFun Arduino Workshop @ UMass

Time: Monday Apr 23, 2012, 4-8:30pm
Location: ECE M-5 Lab
Sign-up Form: Doodle sign-up form

(Click to see the full album).

SparkFun Arduino Workshop @ UMass (Apr 23, 2012)

Wearable Electronics: Pulse Sensing

Time: Thursday March 29, 2012, 5-8pm
Location: CS 140
Flyer: Doodle sign-up form

  • Awards
  • Learning pulse sensing


(Click to see the full album).

Wearable Electronics Mar 29, 2012 (Pulse Sensing)

Wearable Electronics: Introduction

    Time: Thursday Dec 1, 2011, 6-8pm
    Location: CS 150/151
    Sign-up Form: Doodle sign-up form

    (the package includes 5 Arduino programs)

    (Click to see the full album).

    Wearable Electronics Dec 1, 2011


      • (Mandatory) Things You Need to Bring:
        1. A laptop computer or netbook.
        2. Any textile, fabric, badge, accessories that you would like to sew electronics onto.
        3. Follow this link to install the Arduino software on your computer (note: install the version corresponding to your operating system)
      • (Optional) Bring if You Can:
        • Mini USB cable.
        • Sewing tools.
        • Power strip.
        • Needle nose pliers (such as this one).
        • FTDI programmer/cable.

    (Note: we do provide these optional items; but since they are shared among a group of students, you may as well bring your own if you have them).

    Tutorial Video:

    Where to Get Components and Tools:

      • Electronic Components:
    • Tools: Most common tools are: scissors, set of pliers, hot glue gun, sewing chalk, needles (embroidery type), electric tape. Most of these can be found in local retain stores (Walmart, Michaels, etc).

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